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          The International Conference on Optoelectronic and Nano Materials for Advanced Technology (icONMAT 2019) will be held during January 3- 5, 2019. A pre-conference workshop will be held on 2nd January, 2019. This conference is 3rd in the series. Originally the conference was known as OMTAT (Optoelectronic Materials and Thin films for Advanced Technology). The first OMTAT 2005 and the second OMTAT 2013 were held at Rivera Suites, Kochi,, India. The aim of the symposium is to enhance mutual cooperation and collaboration among academia and industries in the field of nanomaterials and devices. The conference will provide a platform to present state of art methods in the synthesis of materials, the design of nanostructures, heterostructure, and thin films for the targeted applications. These fascinating high-performance materials are being used in a variety of applications such as gas sensor, photocatalysis, fuel cells, solar cells, optics, transparent electronics, high definition displays etc. This conference will address how the performances of materials for a specific application are influenced by process, architecture, size, shape etc. The conference aims at bringing together scientists and engineers working on various aspects of fabrication, characterization and modeling of optoelectronic materials and devices to discuss the latest developments in this field. The conference will be an ideal platform to share and exchange ideas on the latest development in the areas of advanced materials and processing for futuristic optoelectronic applications.

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