Centre of Excellence in Advanced Materials

Centre of Excellence in Advanced Materials (CAM) is a unique Centre established in Cochin University of Science and Technology in the year 2011, with a distinct goal of promoting and coordinating research in the broad area of advanced materials science and to develop newer products and devices relevant to the society. The centre was inaugurated by the eminent scientist Prof.C.N.R Rao, on 15th January 2011. CAM is conceived to be an interdisciplinary Centre coordinating and combining the research activities of departments of Physics, Chemistry, International school of Photonics, department of Polymer Science and Rubber Technology, Biotechnology,  Instrumentation and Electronics for the better understanding of material properties and design to develop materials pertinent to new age technology. The centre has an expert pool of faculties from the above mentioned departments to facilitate active research in materials science. We design and create new materials for energy harvesting, energy storage, communication technology, photonic applications, biomedical applications, environmental protection, water purification etc.

CAM has initiated collaborations with renowned institutions like IIT-Bombay, Central University of Kerala, Maharajas College Ernakulam, Union Christian College Aluva, and Victoria College Palakkad. Various seminars of national and international importance were organized with the CAM as an active partner. An International conference on Optoelectronic Materials and Thin films for Advanced Technology (OMTAT) was held in the year 2013. The theme of the conference was oxide materials for optoelectronic applications. The conference was jointly organized by Department of Physics, CUSAT, CAM, ECS CUSAT Student Chapter and SPIE CUSAT Student chapter along with Nanophotonic & Optoelectronic Devices Laboratory. A three day workshop on Materials Characterisation tools was held at CAM in association with the Department of Physics, CUSAT in the year 2015. A national workshop on Recent Trends in Photovoltaics was organized jointly with the Department of Physics in 2018. The workshop addressed the various aspects in the latest development of photovoltaics especially in solar energy harvesting and various methods to overcome the existing limitations of photovoltaic systems.

The Centre is well equipped with experimental facilities like Nanofiber Electrospinning unit, Spin coater, Refrigerated centrifuge, Multi-dip coating system & High-Temperature furnace, Double beam UV Vis Spectrophotometer, Biosafety cabinet, Two probe conductivity measurement system, Solar simulator and Quantum efficiency measurement unit. The centre also allows researchers to make use of facilities of its partner departments. It has numerous publications in internationally reputed journals.

The major funding agencies supporting the centre are CSIR, DST, ISRO, KSCSTE, MNRE and UGC.

Inter-University Centre for Nanomaterials and Devices

Inter University Centre for Nanomaterials and Devices (IUCND) at Cochin University of Science and Technology is an inter-university research centre formed by the government of Kerala with a vision to provide state of art infrastructure to support research and development in the domain of nanotechnology and also provide a platform for collaborative research involving academia and industry. Currently about 25 faculty members of various departments of the University work with the centre to support the academic and research activities and also brings in expertise in specialized areas through visiting faculty programme. This multidisciplinary platform is expected to spearhead research towards scalable technologies in the emerging areas of Energy, Communication, Environment and Medicine. Through its academic outreach programme such as workshops, specialized elective courses, seminars and internship programmes, it engages researchers and post graduate students to equip them with multidisciplinary talents for the creation of cheaper and useful technology for energy production, medicine and environmental management.

A roadmap for elevating IUCND as a design and fabrication centre for nano and micro electromechanical devices, nanochips and sensor arrays for diagnostic applications, thin film transistors and photovoltaic devices exist which require addition of more facilities like clean rooms, fabrication facilities and high resolution electron microscopy. Currently the centre has know-how in the synthesis of functional nanomaterials for application in the thrust areas of materials science.

IUCND is well equipped with Wet synthesis laboratory with work benches, Rotary evaporator, Fume hoods, Glove boxes, Vacuum lines, Air, N2 gas lines, instrumentation facilities such as Diffuse reflectance spectrometer, spin/dip coating facilities, Electrospinning facility and advanced Atomic Force Microscope.

The major funding agencies supporting the centre are CSIR, DST, ISRO, KSCSTE, MNRE and UGC.